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Dental Intra Oral Camera

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TY-E9 Screen touch PC cameraScreen touch PC camera

Equiped with microsoft windows 8 system
32GB SSD+ 8GB USB storage disk
17 inch HD touch screen
Coms HD USB camera
Editable patient communication software.
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Screen touch PC camera
1. 1080p high clear 17 inch touch screen, 32G+ 8g storage space, can store 6 cases patients with picture and info.
2. Professional acquisition software, easy to establish archives for the clients, the doctor can paint in red, green and blue tooth lesions. Doctor-patient communication quickly and efficiently.
3. Equipped with intelligent blood oxygen probe, for teeth grow collection professional blood oxygen and pulse frequency trend diagram, provide data for the doctor dental implants, and storage of blood oxygen and pulse frequency data.
4. Have wireless internet access, convenient to read to share
5. To system is equipped with doing professional touch input keyboard, convenient input, at the same time equipped with a stylus.

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